Wave CPC, Inc.

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Clients and Projects

ArmyFlightDynamicsDirectorate (AFDD), Moffett Field

Won a Phase I and a Phase II SBIR project to develop a general physics-based analysis tool for the prediction of rotorcraft aeroacoustics – and one that is also amenable for use by the workaday rotorcraft analyst, whether their needs are aimed at rotorcraft design, acoustics or operations. This is a challenging combination of requirements because they imply modeling a large range of complex flow features with the modest computational tools that a working engineer can reasonably employ. No such tool currently exists. This is because general flow modeling requires the use of discrete Eulerian methods, but such methods have apparent difficulties that only seem to preclude the long distance applications envisioned in this work.

Air Force Office of Research (AFOSR)

Won a Phase I STTR project to initiate a system to replace these current “all or nothing” criteria to allow wind turbines in areas near Air Force bases, with criteria based on modern wave computation algorithms allowing more wind farms without increasing radar interference.  This will will result in a coupled EM field simulation that will model scattering in the vicinity of the wind turbine and propagate the scattered waves into the far field to compute the radar returns at the receivers.